Services Equip Rwanda Ltd.

Equipping your business is our drive, your success is ours. We do offer you management trainigs to further develop your business and we hire out equipment needed to bring your business to the next level.

Business plan development training

In this training you will be guided to develop and think through all elements of your business. At the end of the training you will have developed your own business plan. The following elements are part of the training: marketing and sales, record keeping, finance as well as staffing and adding innovative elements to your business. The training is very practical and after the training you will be guided to develop an investment ready business plan.

Equipment hire and purchase

We rent out all sorts of equipment from motor bikes, cars, milk coolers, tailoring equipment or any equipment that is needed to excel your business. At any time you can decide to terminate the contract and purchase the equipment. At the end of the renting period the ownership of the equipment will be transferred to your business.